Life Insurance


We provide support in strengthening ALM process:

     1. Designing ALM policy in compliance with IRDA/Actl/Cir/ALM/005/2012
     2. Analysing current ALM position and projecting future ALM position
     3. Measuring and monitoring various risks
     4. Suggesting measures to improve ALM mismatch

Our expertise: More than 5 years experiencein ALM process and Solvency II principles based risk reporting, including quantification of various risks.


Peer review is undertaken as per APS4 issued by Institute of Actuaries of India to independently review the valuation process:

    1. Review of appropriateness of data collection and validation process
    2. Review of valuation methodology and valuation assumptions
    3. Check the reasonableness of results and conclusions

Our expertise:More than a decade relevant experience, fulfills Life CoP requirements and acted as Life-Peer Reviewer.


Audit always gives comfort and confidence in the process. We have expertise to independently review the following actuarial processes:

  1. Data checks and controls
  2. Experience investigations & Assumption setting process
  3. Valuation methodology (including un-modelled business and reserves)
  4. Checking the compliance with IRDAI regulations
  5. Solvency Ratio, ARA Report Verification, Shareholder Reporting etc.
  6. Actuarial software model review

Our expertise: We have advantage of work experience in core insurance companies which can help in more comprehensive and meaningful audit. We have done similar projects.


We provide support in following areas:

      1. Pricing of a new product as per client need
      2. Documentation for filing and internal approval
      3. Review of pricing models

Our expertise : Actual regulatory working experience of F&U at IRDAI level, review of F&U at company level, review of cash flow matching of products as per F&U, IRDAI regulations compliance undertaken in Life Insurance Company.


Documents are valuable sources of reference, for sharing knowledge with both internal and external stakeholders, such as management, new staff, colleagues in different departments, regulators, rating agencies and independent validators. These provide evidence of strong processes and hence reduce the chances of errors.

Our expertise : We can help to strengthen your processes by appropriate and detailed process write ups. These can be but not limited to ALM policy, PAR business management, reserving manual, pricing process etc.


We can provide support in the following areas:

     1. Checking of Reinsurance Premium Calculation by the reinsurance system
     2. Claim recoveries from the reinsurer
     3. Reinsurance premium charge back in case of lapse, surrender, death etc
     4. Checking the sum ceded calculation

Our expertise: Working experience of reinsurance treaties management, implementation of Reinsurance systems like RENOVA, filing of LR forms to IRDAI, credit of reinsurance arrangement in Solvency Calculations.