AS15 R (Accounting Standard 15 Revised)

AS15 R

(i) short-term employee benefits such as wages; (ii) post-employment benefits such as gratuity; (iii) other long-term employee benefits such as sabbatical leave; and (iv) termination benefits.

AS 15 was issued by ICAI and became effective for accounting periods beginning on or after April 1, 2006.


1. Accounting Standard 15 applies to the following businesses at any time during the fiscal year.

2. All businesses that are not part of the ones that is describe in point A above and employ 50 or more people on average throughout the year. Employee Benefits

3. Businesses that do not fall into the categories mentioned in point A above and employ fewer than 50 people on average per year. There are, however, exceptions to this rule, which can be get in AS15 R. (Revised 2005). AS15 R.


1.  Temporary Employee Benefits. Wages, salaries, social security contributions (such as an employer’s contribution to an insurance company to pay for its employees’ medical care), paid annual leave, profit-sharing, and bonuses (if such bonuses are payable within 12 months of the end of the period), and Non-Monetary Benefits (such as cars, housing, medical care, and free/subsidized goods or services) for current employees are examples. Also Accounting Standard 15 Revised includes Employee Benefits.

2.  Post-Employment Advantages. These include gratuities, pensions, and other retirement benefits, as well as post-employment life insurance and medical care. Actuarial Valuation

3.  Additional Long-Term Employee Benefits Sabbatical leave, jubilee or other long-term service benefits, and long-term disability benefits are examples. Furthermore, if such benefits are not fully paid within 12 months of the period’s end, profit-sharing, bonuses, and deferred compensation will be paid.

4.  Benefits of Termination When an employee leaves the company, he receives these benefits.

5.  Short-term benefits: Wages, salaries, and contributions to social security short-term paid absences, such as paid annual leave, that are expected to occur within 12 months of the end of the period during which the employees provide related employee service. Gratuity Valuation

Profit-sharing and bonus payments are due within 12 months of the end of the period in which employees provide related services.

Medical and other non-monetary benefits.

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